Lucy Pinder

Cats or dogs?
Definitely cats, I have 3.
Night in or night out? Night in, I'm not exactly rock n roll!
Spend or save? I think I've got a good mix of both.
Blonde or brunette? I've gotta say brunette all the way!
Heels or flats? Us girls love heels but flats are so much comfier, so flats!
Rock or Pop? Not really in to rock, I like soul and R&B music like Michael Jackson, Alexandra O'Neil, Toni Braxton, Mariah Carey.
Dress up or dress down? It's nice to make the effort when you go out but I'm definitely a jeans and t-shirt girl.
Summer or Winter? I feel happier when the sun is shining, and when I have a tan! Having said that, I do love Christmas.
Gym or takeaway? Takeaway, I've been to the gym 3 times and got very bored!
Coffee or Tea? I love a cup of tea.
Boxers or briefs? I like a man in boxers, not a fan of the y-fronts!
Thong or big pants? I prefer little hotpant like shorts, but wear thongs too.
Sunbathe or sightsee? I think a bit of both makes the best holiday, you want to come home with a tan but baking in the sun can get a bit tedious after a while.

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