Bonnie Pfiester

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Bonnie Pfiester and her husband Steve, both Florida natives, have been married for almost fourteen years. In addition to being partners for life, they are also business partners, owning and operating Longevity Fitness Club and Spa in Vero Beach, Florida. There's no doubt Steve and Bonnie are passionate about helping others. You can't hide their enthusiasm for helping others toward a healthy lifestyle. Their love for fitness is practically contagious.

Steve and Bonnie believe the fitness industry can be intimidating, so they work hard to bridge the gap between the fit and unfit by reaching out. Whether it is supporting fundraisers, speaking at special events or replying to someone's personal email, both Steve and Bonnie do all they can to stay connected with people. "We really aren't in the fitness business, we are in the people business - we just love people", Bonnie Pfiester.


Longevity Fitness Club & Spa said...

I just ran across your blog and wanted to thank you for doing the blurb on me. It's always an honor. If you need anything at all just let me know. :)

SpaGirl said...
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SpaGirl said...

oops! I realized I had commented you from my business blog site. :)

Continued success!!