The “Hollywood Male Model Look”

Plenty of Eye Candy here for the ladies! (I owe you one guys.. Its coming soon.. “Land the Slammin Beach Body-Ladies Edition”.. A little advice for the ladies & plenty of pics for my boys!) I’m an avid reader of Gentleman’s Quarterly Magazine, Men’s Health, Details, & even pop open Men’s Vogue when I’m Scanning the Shelves @ Books-A-Million.. I don’t think there’s a perfect look because I see many models with different looks, but they all have a few things in common.. These guys are swarmed by women (the hottest women), they get paid because of their looks (highly compensated), and probably feel a little cocky (which as you’ve probably noticed, a little “cocky confidence” is a GREAT ingredient in building attraction with the opposite sex!) Lets look at a few of these guys & see how they can freshen up our look..

Who is this guy?

Jason Shaw models for Tommy Hilfiger, Versace, & Polo (among others I’m sure).. This guy is one of the highest paid models in the fashion industry & as you may know, dated Paris Hilton & Made a PG13 Naughty Tape with her (I Say Naughty Because I don’t Think They Actually “Fought the Good Fight” in it.. Just Coverage of Some Cute “Slap & Tickle”) I highlight him because he always seem to stay in great shape, & his look is very polished.. Jason’s chest is only 38.5 inches wide with a 31.5 inch waist on his 6′2″ frame. In bodybuilder world, that’s a really small chest, but notice how he’s still athletically cut & looks great. (Bodybuilders would panick if they shrunk to this size.. But Jasons paychecks aren’t shrinking..) As you can see the “sexiest” guys in the world aren’t stressed about big swollen muscles.. (I like to call the look these models have as “Tight, Lean, & Toned”.. Definitely attainable). He’s probably maximum 175lbs in this picture.. Jason won’t be winning any bench press competitions though (Which is Fine with Him…. & Paris!)

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